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My name is Jess, EMT turned energy healing practitioner and entrepreneur. Let's cut to the chase: I'm here to help to guide you in identifying AND treating any underlying trauma and factors that cause you physical & emotional pain, illness, chronic disease and more.


The word "trauma" by itself is pretty harsh, so use your own definition and language around how you explain our own life experiences. Here me out: 

There is this conception that if we "haven't experienced something that SEEMS distressing or disturbing" then we don't have trauma. Even if you grew up in the seemingly perfect family, with ideal living situations, there are events our body has held on to, and placed in our subconscious mind. Trauma can sometimes mean the ABSENCE of something... let that one sink in for a moment.

A lot of our fears, insecurities, and sabotaging life patterns are deeply rooted in trauma experienced as a child, and in emotions that can be trapped in our bodies from distressing past events. "Emotional baggage" is a very real thing, and your body can manifest this physically.

"Trapped Emotions" (which is created by our emotional baggage) may exert an influence on our physical tissues, which can potentially lead to acute discomfort and even illness. This can occur at ANY AGE, from past lives we've lived, and can even be INHERITED from conception or from hundreds of generations prior. When we remove these emotions specifically, we are removing them from your lineage - forwards AND back!


Therapy ABSOLUTELY saved my life, I will never EVER discredit it. But, if talking about my crap was supposed to "fix me," then I'd been "fixed" a long time ago.  Ya feel me? What I learned: I wasn't broken. And neither are you.


The healing modalities I use combine fascinating and non-invasive techniques that remove trapped emotions from our bodies that can wreak HAVOC on our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

My approach is not a "one size fits all" - we all heal in different ways, at difference paces.


Regarded as "Spiritual" or "Intuitive" Counseling, the focus of our time together is to the root cause of your emotional and physical symptoms that have manifested in your bodyScience has shown that our bodies hold on to past events. Until you address these internal wounded elements, achieving greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and ultimately, personal awakening is very challenging. 

 I do this in many different ways, and encourage you to reach out so we can determine what you need. 

Be well and see you soon.

Much Love,



Britt S.

"What a powerful session! I went in pretty open minded, as I'd never had an Emotion Code session before. Jessica explained the process, what the modality does, and made me feel very safe.


After a relaxing meditation, she presented what she had found. I was absolutely blown away! I could literally feel the weight lifting off of my chest as she spoke. My anxiety, depression, worthlessness, and even defensiveness I'd carried for years... I WILL be back for another session, and I cannot recommend Jessica and Emotion Code enough."


Kim M.

"... Jessica has a gift of seeing people for who they are and she doesn't judge. She truly wants to help people heal from their past and from their generational trauma. I have experienced the power of healing the mind and subconscious by doing breath work to release emotions trapped in the body, but this was a little different because I wasn't accessing my emotions myself. Someone else was doing it, and she wasn't even physically present with me. I have no explanation for how she was dead on accurate with the ages that I experienced certain events in my life or how she even knew the events that occurred, but she was. That's her magic. I highly recommend an Emotion Code session with Jessica, especially if you have pain in your body."


Kara J.

"Jessica explained the process and purpose of Emotion Code and helped me understand it. I was amazed at what she was able to discover and clear in our session. There were emotions that I didn't realize I had nor could I put a word to it because I had stifled them. She was able to bring them to the surface and release them. I had felt a constant anxiety and where that was, I feel a sense of peace and calm. I feel confident that she has found an amazing way to help people and is excellent at what she does."

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