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Energy Clearings


The energy inside your home or business with have a direct impact on how you FEEL when you're there. Whether it's a heavy duty energy removals and cleanse or a simple saging ritual, each home or business I have worked on has its own unique set of needs. With that being said, my skill set and colleagues offer a wide variety of methodologies to clear away negative and stuck energies in your space.


Burning sage — also known as cleansing or saging ritual — is an ancient spiritual ritual that rids past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies from people, land and structures. 

In addition, saging can be useful with new purchases, gifts, or secondhand items. If you have any concern with negative history or energy attached to a specific item, person, or space, burning sage may help bring peace of mind and make the object more sacred to you.

Why should you consider energy
cleansing for your home or business?

Whatever transpires in your environment can be absorbed into your walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling, and objects — it's like a sponge. Frequently, these negative energies accumulate over years time, and in the corners and tucked away places. Energy debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stress that you (and your family/friends, your co-workers, etc.) have experienced in your space. At times — usually in older homes or structures that have been occupied by others before you — energy can accumulate over time and be connected to tragic events that you have no idea about.  Without talking about the land itself, our spaces can carry energy from generations before us!


When should you consider a saging ritual for your home or business:


  • When moving into a new space (preferably
    before you move in your own belongings)


  • After you remove clutter or when you move into a new
    (preferably before you move in your belongings).

  • After a roommate, companion, or co-worker moves out or leaves.

  • After a strong argument or fight in the house or office, after a
    divorce or break-up, or if you feel that your business is struggling.


  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning
    (in particular if you feel overall “stuck” in your life or work).

    When should you consider a heavy duty

    energy removal  for your home or business:

    A simple saging ritual can be sufficient to clear most negative energies, but some
    of the below situations can require specialized skills, including "journeying":


  • After an illness or death

  • If you suspect the presence of a ghost or other well, having nightmares, or seeing entities in your home.) energies in your home, or if things just don’t feel “right” (ex: you or your children don’t sleep 

What is the difference between how a heavy duty energy removal cleanse and a saging ritual is performed?

I always recommend clearing clutter in your home or business first before you do any kind of energy cleansing, as these things go hand in hand. At times, a heavier energy removal session is needed for your space, and I will need to "journey" (i.e.: connect to the energies in the home to understand what it needs so I can clear the space effectively) to clear and transform the energy in your space on a much deeper level. That could mean moving on a departed soul, understanding a tragic event that took place inside the structure before you occupied the space, and more.


For a sage cleanse, most clients choose to follow me so I can show them what to do, provide feedback, and answer any questions as I go. We will go room by room together, and I will also give some advice on ensuring that good life-force energy is restored and maintained in your home and its immediate surroundings.


For both services, I always bring crystals and supplies with me, all of which are yours to keep for your next saging ritual and to hold the intention and energy of your space. 

What actually happens during an energy removal clearing session?

The process will vary depending on the situation, but overall:

  • I start this process alone in your home, and will ask you to
    come back towards the end to fill your space back up with
    your energy and intention.


  • I first build a strong protection around the home or
    space, calling in good and protective energies while
    stabilizing it as a whole;


  • I ask the space if there are particular concerns or areas of
    the property that I need to be aware of. During that process,
    I may receive information about what’s going on and what
    might be needed so that you resolve the situation that you
    may be facing. At times, I need to do a quick 'journey' to get
    more information.


  • Depending on what the space needs,
    I will clear either the inside or outside first, 
    going room by room very methodically. 

    When I work on any space, I assess the whole
    area (inside and out), and don’t leave until
    everything is absolutely clear.


  • I always leave the client with very concrete recommendations.
    When the occupants of a house or an office staff are able to be
    present post session, the whole process often become a collective
    healing process. Together, we will close out the process with
    a small blessing ceremony involving everyone present on site.


Are you willing to travel anywhere in CT OR even outside of the state for services?

Absolutely! All quotes given are individual, but all include mileage as a separate fee depending on mileage. This girl would absolutely take a plane or a road trip to anyone in need! 

Next Steps

Before either service is booked and performed, a short evaluation form will need to be done and we will get on a quick, complimentary call to determine what we think is best for your property or business. If needed, I will have a second person come with me to your space to assist (I mentioned I was thorough, right?). Both services are used for new beginnings and removal of energy debris that have been built up over time.


The goal is to lift the space and brighten the energy so it can circulate freely!

Depending on the square footage and amount of work that needs to be performed, the whole process takes a minimum of two hours (sometimes more if there is a lot to clear) and people who have received this service always report that it has benefited as a healing for the entire family or team. 

Want to learn more? Click HERE to fill out an evaluation and book your call!

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